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iPhone app developers declining offers from Google, Microsoft

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Jun 2010 11:26 User comments (4)

iPhone app developers declining offers from Google, Microsoft Over the past few months, rumors have surfaced that Microsoft has been offering monetary incentives to popular Apple iPhone app developers in an attempt to bring them over to the Windows Phone platform.
This week, that rumor has been confirmed, with developer Chillingo confirming Microsoft's practices, as well as admitting that it has declined offers from Google, as well.

Chillingo director Joe Wee, the developer behind Angry Birds and six other #1 hits in the App Store, says he is "ignoring their requests for now because Apple iOS is the only “commercially viable” mobile platform for him."

Angry Birds has sold over 4 million copies, so it is clear that both Google and Microsoft want to get such a popular developer onto their platforms, which are currently smaller in market size than that of the iPhone.

While Android continues to take market share with strong growth, Microsoft has lagged behind, with Windows Phone 7 not even released yet.

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4 user comments

122.6.2010 03:01

Forget that guy...he is right; it is hard to sell apps to people who want open source...and if he is too dumb to understand how well ad-based apps make money, then we don't want his trash code.

222.6.2010 03:21

Just pointing out that Chillingo is not the developer of Angry Birds, Finnish Rovio Mobile is. Chillingo is the publisher for the game, nothing more. Don't think they can just make comments like that on behalf of the developers whose games they are publishing. After all, publishers don't own the developers, do they now?

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322.6.2010 13:14

EA developer headquarters 22:00

i want a game in 3 months who cares if its got no Polish. if you work hard enough You get a cheese pizza with a mountain dew. Get back in your cubicle and work dammit work *Snap of whip* WORK!!!

423.6.2010 06:18

Better than Ubisoft...

"We want you to modify this game so that it requires an internet connection at all times. Don't worry about those crashes and don't worry about making a good story; just modify what we have so that only pirates will be able to complete the game without it quiting on them."

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