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Sony close to deal for Hulu on PS3

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Jun 2010 15:29 User comments (7)

Sony close to deal for Hulu on PS3 According to Bloomberg, Sony is close to a deal with popular streaming site Hulu that will bring the service to the PlayStation 3.
Sources say the deal could be completed as soon as next week.

The new deal would be for a "premium" ad-free subscription version of Hulu, which would cost around $10 a month and give users access to full back catalogs of all shows available. Currently, the free Hulu only allows (for the most part) playback of the trailing five episodes of a current season, and no back seasons.

Hulu is said to be in talks with CBS, Viacom and Time Warner, as well, in an effort to bring a lot more content to the premium service, making the site a one-stop destination for content from all the major broadcasters.

PS3 owners will need to have a free PlayStation Network account to use the service, as well as the latest firmware. Hulu is also in talks to add the premium service to the Xbox 360, say sources.

Globally, there are 50 million PSN users, but Hulu only works in the U.S, currently.

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7 user comments

125.6.2010 17:40

good job sony bringing more content to the ps3 it would be nice if it came to the 360 as well since that's what i have but i would not pay $10 a month for hulu since its all tv eps i can torrent for free, but if they offered the free service on consoles with ads it wouldn't be that bad.

225.6.2010 17:47

If they have all the desired channels good shows the next day, then it will be a good deal. I checked for episodes but the ones I watch are never available.

325.6.2010 23:03

If Hulu had a better selection, this might be nice...but I already have a netflix disc, and that account is only $9 a month. I doubt hulu can come close to matching the amount of TV shows they offer, let alone the movies.

Prove me wrong Hulu, please!

426.6.2010 2:08

doesnt affect anyone but the peeps in the Americas..Sigh

526.6.2010 4:29

You might be able to get this abroad...there are services in the UK that are only for the UK...unless you use a free proxy, that is. I know that you can buy a US prepaid visa from anywhere in the world.

627.6.2010 7:18

Keep it up sony!

71.7.2010 14:45

yeah man

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