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AT&T blames software for "capped" upload speeds

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jul 2010 1:08 User comments (10)

AT&T blames software for "capped" upload speeds Yesterday, complaints began surfacing online that AT&T was "capping" upload speeds for iPhone 4 users, slowing upstream bandwidth to a crawl in Metropolitan areas such as New York City and Boston.
Today, the wireless carrier has blamed software from Alcatel-Lucent for the issues, saying a fix is in the works.

Additionally, the company says only 2 percent of users are affected by the defect.

Lucent declined to offer a timetable for the fix, and would not reveal which areas were being affected.

Customer complaints have been filed from NYC, Central Jersey, Boston, Orlando, Seattle, South Jersey/Philly, Columbus, Cleveland, West Houston, Phoenix, Northern Colorado, St. Paul/Minesota, Suffolk County/Long Island, Quad Cities, South Jersey, Denver, Detroit Metro, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Kansas City, Fairfax, and Minneapolis, so far.

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10 user comments

18.7.2010 10:08

Isn't Lucent a verizon company?

28.7.2010 12:52
Unverified new user

2% my ass.

38.7.2010 15:29

2% of all users... 100% of users in those cities...

48.7.2010 15:42

AT&T & APPLE are so full of shit . Nothing is ever there fault .

58.7.2010 23:03

Yeah...but usually they are blaming eachother.

69.7.2010 9:29

No, Lucent was spun off of AT&T during de-regulation. Alcatel is a French company that bought Lucent and Avaya (A Lucent spin off) a few years back.
Still, anybody want to explain to me how software from an unrelated French company uninvolved with the hardware is mystically and perfectly capping bandwidth in areas where AT&T just happens to have high population densities and under built networks?

79.7.2010 11:16

It's easy to blame on something that's longer there, duh. All of those finger pointing is getting ridiculous.

89.7.2010 13:47

AT&T invests money to upgrade infrastructure to allow for additional growth and revenue. AT&T sells services to users to generate revenue. When growth exceeds capacity, AT&T generates excessive revenue as level the of service degrades. The cell phone industry often forces you to sign a long-term contract. This provides constant source of revenue for the cell phone company. The cell phone industry has early termination fee to increase the cost for user to change providers. The cell phone industry forces you to purchase a restricted phone to increase the cost for user to change providers. This is good for cell phone company but not good for users.

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99.7.2010 16:47

If the other 98% uses are employing the same software why aren't they having problems?

Or is it that they aren't using that software?

1012.7.2010 15:02

Originally posted by RastaDave:
AT&T & APPLE are so full of shit . Nothing is ever there fault .
Hey, nothing is any wrong doer's fault just ask them. The POS make their living lying.

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