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Russian spy hired by Microsoft

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Jul 2010 17:02 User comments (6)

Russian spy hired by Microsoft Federal agents have arrested another alleged Russian spy this month, the twelfth this year in a sting to break a spy ring that has reached across the United States.
The alleged spy, Alexey Karetnikov was a Microsoft employee, working right out of the company's headquarters in Redmond.

Karetnikov was deported to Russia today after a judge ruled for it earlier in the week.

Despite working at the company for some time, officials say Karetnikov was just in the "early stages" of his spying, without obtaining any useful information.

The alleged spy was part of the Microsoft Software Design Engineer in Test (SDET) team, in charge of testing code run in Microsoft products such as Windows.

Of the twelve spies, most had day jobs at tech companies, and some even had families here in the States. The first ten were returned to Russia in a prisoner swap, while the eleventh remains in hiding.

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6 user comments

114.7.2010 18:58

thus MS hires anybody, even Commies

214.7.2010 19:09

314.7.2010 19:30

russian spys ? not bovvered now! apple spies...

415.7.2010 15:31

the New SP for Vista and W7 will send all your information to russia.

516.7.2010 8:44

cant we just keep this one......

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616.7.2010 17:21

Well M$ now has one smart person. I guess they will want him to spy on smart companies so they will not keep falling behind.

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