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Android Market sees 1 billionth download

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Jul 2010 22:34 User comments (5)

Android Market sees 1 billionth download According to AndroLib, the Android Market has reached 1 billion downloads in just under two years since the app store was launched.
For comparison's sake, Apple's App Store has just over 5 billion apps downloaded since the store launched in 2007.

Google says there are 160,000 Android-based devices being activated daily, and the Android Market continues to expand on its way to 100,000 apps available. Once again, for comparison's sake, the Apple App Store has 225,000 apps available. The Android Market has added 11,000 new apps already in the first two weeks of July, for a total of 93,000.

61 percent of the apps are free compared to 39 percent paid, but a strong majority of the apps downloaded are free ones.

With the launch of the Droid X there are now over 60 Android models available globally.

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5 user comments

115.7.2010 23:06

Androlib may be off by quite a bit. Our app, "Radar Now!" showed an estimated 765,000 downloads on - the developer's console in the Android market, which show the actual numbers was quite different, 600,000 so Androlib is off by a fairly significant margin.

If my math is correct and other apps have a similar error margin, then the actual number of downloads should be about 800,000,000 or slightly less.

215.7.2010 23:57

I wonder if this counts for people that download multiple when you do a hard reboot or an update, and then you have to reinstall apps. For that matter, what about when you get updates? They are not really updates; you just download the program again and install over the old copy.

316.7.2010 6:30

Please Please come out with better apps! like Street Fighter! like thats ever going to happen -_-;

416.7.2010 10:21

The only thing that I'm concerned about w/Andriod is there an app that can handle both RSS feeds and podcasts. Now my old Windows Mobile phone has seperate programs for these, but none of the less it gets the job done. If they can do an all-in-one app for this, this I'm definitely in for Android. Any takers if you've seen apps like this? Cause I'm seriously considering buying an Android phone (either Droid X or Incredible) when my contract ends in the fall.

516.7.2010 17:48

Those numbers do not reflect apps downloaded directly, without the Android Market.

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