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Yahoo Japan will now use Google search engine

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Jul 2010 22:16 User comments (2)

Yahoo Japan will now use Google search engine Yahoo Japan, the biggest portal in the nation, has said today it will use Google's search engine to power its search instead of following Yahoo Inc.'s decision to use Microsoft's Bing for search.
By teaming up with Google, the venture will control almost 100 percent of the search market in the world's second largest economy.

Yahoo went with Microsoft after U.S. regulators blocked a deal with Google under anti-monopoly laws. Yahoo Inc. owns about 30 percent of Yahoo Japan.

Additionally, Yahoo Japan will "also adopt Google's search-linked advertisement delivery system and feed its data to Google sites," says Reuters.

Yahoo Japan President Masahiro Inoue said they thoroughly looked into both Microsoft's and Google's search technology and they found Microsoft's "not strong" enough for its needs. A main example cited was Japanese language search capabilities.

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2 user comments

127.7.2010 22:37

Divide by zero error.

228.7.2010 0:27

Not really. Yahoo Japan has nothing in common with Yahoo but the fact that Yahoo owns 30% of YJ shares. It's essentially a completely separate company that happens to share a similar name.

And unlike it's western counterpart, it's massively successful in its home country. We're looking at leading in searches, email, auctions, etc.

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