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Microsoft not happy about Yahoo Japan-Google deal

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Jul 2010 14:02 User comments (8)

Microsoft not happy about Yahoo Japan-Google deal Earlier this week, Yahoo Japan, the biggest portal in the nation, said it would being using Google's search engine to power its search instead of following Yahoo Inc.'s decision to use Microsoft's Bing for search.
Microsoft is clearly not happy with the decision.

The software giant has said today it plans to argue before Japan's Fair Trade Commission that the deal is anti-competitive, as it would give Google almost 100 percent of the search market in the region.

Japan is the world's third-largest market for search queries.

The FTC has already said the deal does not violate anti-monopoly laws in the nation.

Yahoo Japan has 57 percent search market share in the country while Google has 37. Microsoft has 2.8 percent.

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8 user comments

130.7.2010 18:10

-_- omfg Microsoft are being huge babies in this

230.7.2010 18:21

Bing sucks anyway, can never find what i'm looking for with it. i dislike Yahoo's bloatedness. so i use google, sometimes i even break out the dogpile.

330.7.2010 21:29

Guess MS shouldn't of been so cheap when they offered to buy yahoo last year.

431.7.2010 8:07

Is this news?

This is like running a story about a man who got shot...and then a week later, running a story about how the man did not enjoy getting shot.

If Microsoft came forward and said they were happy with the deal, that would be news.

51.8.2010 3:02

Originally posted by slackdast:
Guess MS shouldn't of been so cheap when they offered to buy yahoo last year.

The other side Yahoo shouldn't have been so greedy. I'm no Microsoft fan either, glad to see then not get something they wanted. I'm really glad to see Google and Yahoo working together.

61.8.2010 23:31

If only they would team up in the states...then we could have a mapping system that actually finds places that you search for...or maybe we would just have twice as many incorrect entries.

72.8.2010 19:12

Besides a few features, Bing sucks anyway. They even use it to search for things on MS's website, making it harder to find things than it used to be. It's easier to to a Google search for support articles on MS's own website...which is SAD.

84.8.2010 0:13

As usual M$ continues to be hypocryts. Poor M$ how will they ever continue from here.

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