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eBay starts its own cashback program

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Aug 2010 21:35 User comments (8)

eBay starts its own cashback program eBay has launched its new cashback rewards program this weekend, dubbed eBay Bucks, giving U.S. registered users a way to earn 2 percent back on most items they purchase through the popular auction site.
Users simply have to sign up for eBay Bucks, which is completely free, and you will be given 2 percent cashback on your purchases. That cash is then placed in your account, and can be used to take money off future purchases in the marketplace.

You must use PayPal to pay for items to get the cashback.

Furthermore, the cashback accumulates for 90 days before it is paid out to consumers.

A few categories are excluded from the earnings reward, including purchases from Classifieds, Business & Industrial Capital Equipment, Real Estate, and eBay Motors categories (except Parts & Accessories in eBay Motors).

View more details here: eBay Bucks FAQ

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8 user comments

116.8.2010 0:20

"giving U.S. registered users"
Why do I always feel screwed over living in Canada.

216.8.2010 5:15

Originally posted by bam431:
"giving U.S. registered users"
Why do I always feel screwed over living in Canada.
try livin in the middle east see which region gets more digital distribution

316.8.2010 5:24

this isn't new, they have been doing this since the start of the year.

416.8.2010 10:41

We are screwed in Canada; and other countries are even more screwed than us. We probably only get 50% of American's tech over here, so we lose on a lot. I just guessing, but Americans definitely have a far better selection and bonuses than we do here. That is to be expected tho, ebay was founded in US after all, and US has more population than Canada which means more consumers spending, which translates to larger margin of sales to make room for slashing prices and offering better rewards.

516.8.2010 14:03

This might be new, it didn't pay out before. The old eBay Bucks expired every 30 days.

616.8.2010 15:27

Every 30days? Doesn't seem worth it lol

717.8.2010 9:12

I think they have been doing the 90 day ebucks thing all year. I know I have already been through two 90-day cycles and waiting on the third. There's nothing to do once it's redeemable. Your next purchase on ebay has a credit applied to it. For instance if you buy an item for $15 and you have $5 in ebucks - you just have to pay $10. I buy all kinds of things on eBay - including a Honda Ridgeline (no ebucks for that), so this is like having a freebie for me.

When the Bing cashback was giving notice about ending, they said something about they were working on something new. So I hope they come back with another cashback program. I had gotten $697 cashback through Bing - and I did not even know about it until it had been in effect for a year or so.

820.8.2010 14:03

Originally posted by bam431:
"giving U.S. registered users"
Why do I always feel screwed over living in Canada.

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