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Facebook installed on almost every active "i" device

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 23 Aug 2010 22:30 User comments (4)

Facebook installed on almost every active "i" device Facebook recently posted to their blog that they now have 150 million people actively using the social network from their mobile devices, including smartphones, MP3 players and tablets.
The Facebook for iPhone app is also now showing as having 103 million active monthly users, which amounts to almost every "i" device ever sold.

In June, Apple said they had sold about 110 million iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.

Says David Kirkpatrick, of The Facebook Effect: "The Facebook application is by far the most important application on both the iPhone and the iPad. Without the Facebook application, my own opinion is the iPhone would never have become as important as it is. Itís the single most widely used application. Itís so heavily used compared to other apps that I have been told by someone who thought he knew the data ó this is highly secret data and I donít know the actual numbers ó that more than half of all usage of the iPhone of apps, other than those provided by the phone itself like telephony and email, is coming from Facebook. And on the iPad, too, itís just a huge, huge part of usage. So in a way, Apple and Facebook are joined at the hip, and I think thatís one reason why Zuckerberg and Jobs have been spending time together."

Additionally, the App Store is nearing another milestone, 250,000 apps even after 50,000 were pulled by Apple or by the developers.

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4 user comments

124.8.2010 0:12

First of all, I know that facebook is not on the iPod it can't be on "Almost every 'i' device ever sold"

Second, I think that it comes pre-installed, and you can only remove it through jailbreaking (or at least that is how android comes).

224.8.2010 0:53

Not pre-installed on Itouches, i don't know about the Iphone though.

324.8.2010 0:56

I used it once for my Facebook troll. Does that count ss active? Doesn't come pre-installed on the iphone either.

431.8.2010 14:52

Another worm in the Apple.

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