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Apple to increase iTunes music samples to 60 seconds?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Aug 2010 0:18 User comments (6)

Apple to increase iTunes music samples to 60 seconds? According to sources speaking to CNET, Apple is prepared to double the length of time prospective buyers can listen to music tracks before buying, from 30 seconds to one minute.
CEO Steve Jobs will announce the change on Wednesday, during Apple's annual September media event.

Apple has not confirmed the report, declining to comment on "speculation."

A long time complaint about iTunes (and other music download sites) is the fact that 30 seconds is usually not enough time to see if a song is really for you.

Furthermore, the sources say Jobs will use much of the media event showing off how Apple is improving the iTunes music discovery experience.

We will have a full report on Wednesday.

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6 user comments

131.8.2010 0:43

Okay, that's great and all, but does Apple really need to make a huge anoucnement about it? This isn't exactly an Earth shattering tern events here Steve. 30 second extention to a music sample. Great. Just make the change and move along. This guy never fails to annoy me.

231.8.2010 1:44

this is a challenge for music industry, collecting society and publisher.. since they don't want to make their music to be free

331.8.2010 2:44

i will take my chances with bitorrent thanks

431.8.2010 19:44


i will take my chances with bitorrent thanks

Me too.
Where i can hear the entire song for free and determine if it's for me. :D

531.8.2010 22:27

The heck with 60 seconds of samples. How about telephone support for itunes. That would be a true step up I guess for such a rich SOB.

62.9.2010 3:17

People still buy music?

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