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iPad with camera seen in picture?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Sep 2010 1:27 User comments (4)

iPad with camera seen in picture? Thanks to 9to5mac, the world now has a blurry picture of an alleged next-generation iPad, one that includes a front-facing camera and the ability to use FaceTime, Apple's video conferencing software.
The picture shows the tablet in debugging mode for video calls. The site says field-tested iPhone 4 models had the same debugging mode revealed before its eventual launch.

While the photo is of debatable authenticity, most consumers and industry insiders have anticipated that the next-generation tablet will include at least one camera.

During the recent September media event, CEO Steve Jobs said HDR photography was headed to the iPad with the upcoming iOS firmware update, to version 4.2. The feature would seem useless without a camera.

Apple's new competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Folio 100, include cameras, giving them a leg up on the iPad, in at least that feature.

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4 user comments

16.9.2010 10:34

It won't a surprise if it does have a camera...The new iPod Touch does (in fact two of them) and it's an 1/8 of the size and weight of the iPad...

DS Warrior ! ! !

26.9.2010 11:28

and how long has ipad came out for? and they already soon releasing the new one? crapple

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Being nice always has its own consequences

36.9.2010 14:28

Originally posted by Hyasuma:
and how long has ipad came out for? and they already soon releasing the new one? crapple
Don't worry all the suckers that bought the first one will be waiting in line for the one with the camera. Apple knows how to squeeze money out if its sheep, I mean treat its customers.

47.9.2010 11:11

Kind of expected.

Apple are holding back loads of features so that they can stick it in for the next gen making loads of money from people who are stupid enough to buy one of these in the first place.

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