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AT&T launches pre-paid data plans

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Sep 2010 1:25 User comments (6)

AT&T launches pre-paid data plans AT&T has launched new pre-paid data plans for netbooks and notebooks, dubbed DataConnect Pass.
The service will not require a multi-year contract.

A one-day pass, up to 100MB, will cost $15, a week-long pass and 300MB will cost $30, and a monthly pass (1GB) will cost $50.

"Demand for high-functioning, lightweight, mobile computing devices remains strong among consumers and small business customers who want access to the Internet while on the go," says David Haight, VP of product development, AT&T emerging devices. "By offering the DataConnect Pass Plans, customers receive added value, choice, and flexibility to decide when to consume data within the parameters of their personal budget, for a more consumer-centric and convenient experience."

Additionally, the company has launched three new netbooks, all ranging between 10.1 and 11.6 inches, and weighing about 3 pounds.

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6 user comments

121.9.2010 5:26

Wow...a whole GB for $50...what a deal!

221.9.2010 7:57

I believe Virgin Mobile in the US offers a prepaid data card, as well as a MiFi, contract free for $60 a month, if you buy the equipment up front. For ten bucks more, you get 5GB.

"Its as if McGruff the Crime Dog snuck into our basement, enlisted an army of cellar rats to eat up all of our cheese, and then burned the house down when we finally locked him out instead of just knocking on the front door to tell us the window was open." ~Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback

321.9.2010 8:48

AT&T is trying to straight rape people. You might as well just go post-paid and buy the equipment at retail so you won't have a contract with them. There wouldn't be any difference really since post-paid accounts are still paid in advance. Even if you were told you would have to pay deposit that can be gotten around by calling customer service -- who would have to call another department who can actually redo the credit evaluation and manually make it so you don't have to pay a deposit (the stores are useless and won't do anything for you half the time).

If you have good sprint coverage in your area it would be much wiser to go with virgin mobile for pre-paid. 10 bucks gives you 100MB for 10 days and 40 bucks gives you unlimited per month with them. you can either use their usb card or get their mifi

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421.9.2010 9:05

Wow, That's terrible. I was thinking more like unlimited data throttled after 6gb for $50 a month.
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521.9.2010 12:35

too funny... who have those ideas? i guess they dont need prepaid customers

621.9.2010 14:16

well if they figure out how to lock the wifi adapter to them as a carrier couldn't you just get a wifi dongle and leach off the open wifi everywhere... really this is the worst data pack cost I have ever heard but hey its the wave of the future remmber people you can teather your phone and use its data pack (which you already pay for ) to connect to the web...but maybe the laptop should stay at home (the idea of your free to move about the cabin means indoors) not in everyones face sorry but I dont want my kids to walk bye some guy on his porn just because he can sometimes the computer is better left at home and cell phones are better due to limited content like no flash streams and that might not be a bad thing... but back to the cost issue they really dont want netbooks or ipads on their network to due to limited bandwith and the longer your on line playing games the more you chew up not like a phone that shoots off you text or web page request in bursts...


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