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RIM defends low 'App World' app count

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 29 Sep 2010 21:29 User comments (2)

RIM defends low 'App World' app count RIM VP of product platform management Alan Panezic has defended the low BlackBerry App World app count today, saying "we don't need 200 fart apps."
The App World currently has just over 10,000 apps, tiny in comparison to Android's 100,000 and Apple's 250,000.

Continuing on, Panezic says: "Those are apps you'll use three or four times then never open again (the fart apps). You're not looking at ads, clicking on ads or buying premium upgrades, and the app isn't adding any value to your device."

RIM mainly adds "super apps" to its store, apps that will be heavily used and improve the phone as a whole.

Panezic says Android and iOS app counts are "deceptive" since many are useless and a significant amount are redundancies with different names and slight differences.

With all that being said, the VP did note that BlackBerry app sales are poor due to how expensive their apps are compared to other stores. Until a month ago, RIM forced a $3 minimum for paid apps.

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2 user comments

11.10.2010 21:13

Have to agree, I have an android phone, but the market place I find to be pretty much empty of anything usefulness.

Look at travel apps, see if you can find a travel itinerary type program and you'll get apps that will send you to any airline website or give you weather info etc.

It's mostly pointless stuff.

I don't know about fart apps but there is a stupid amount of wall paper apps for everything, I just don't see the point in paying $1USD for a wallpaper apps that send you photos of stones.

I do think they need to clean out the utter crap that is all over the app store.

also probably be good if there was a bit of apps in the apps store really it's like 95% games and 5% apps, you go through the app store in 2 days and you've looked at everything on there.

23.10.2010 22:17

no one has taken development serious with iPhone development. There are a few developers who are but still very few to the amount of developers trying to make a quick buck from app's.

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