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Intel tool will help make iPhone apps run on Intel chips

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2010 14:04

Intel tool will help make iPhone apps run on Intel chips Intel Corp. is developing a tool that will aid in the conversion of applications written for ARM microprocessor architecture into applications that can be run using Intel chips. The tool would serve to help port iPhone and other ARM-based applications to smartphones, tablets and other devices running Intel Atom and other processors.
Since most smartphones and tablets currently available run on ARM-based processors, developers have churned out thousands upon thousands of applications for the architecture. Intel is hoping to push its Atom line of processors into more portable devices, despite entering the space quite late.

"Getting people excited to develop to Intel platforms is absolutely critical to us," said Doug Fisher, VP of Intel's Software and Services group. Making it easy for developers to port ARM-based applications to Intel architecture could dramatically increase the software available for Intel devices quickly, and thus push up demand.

"We'll get [applications on] AppUp, then Meego and I imagine Windows," Fisher said. "It's basically taking the existing applications, finding the ones that are most relevant to end users, and ensuring they get pulled over."

Intel and Nokia introduced Meego in February this year, targeted at phones, tablets, set-top boxes and more, and will release Meego 1.1 later this month. "By the first half of next year you should start seeing handset devices in the market with Meego," Fisher said.

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