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Best Buy reducing shelf space of DVDs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Oct 2010 23:23 User comments (3)

Best Buy reducing shelf space of DVDs Best Buy, the largest electronics retailer in the U.S., has confirmed that they will be reducing supply of available DVDs starting this holiday season, giving most of that shelf space over to Blu-ray, netbooks and tablets.
The retailer has already scaled back most of its DVD selection to new films and classics, but expect more cutbacks.

DVD rental market leader Netflix continues to move toward streaming, following an overall industry trend, striking deals worth over a billion dollars with Epix, Starz and Relativity.

Of course, DVDs are still big business so no one should expect the discs to disappear anytime soon.

However, with mainstream Blu-ray player prices falling under $100, and new Blu-ray discs falling under $20 at launch already, the format should likely push DVD completely out within years, as the HDTV market continues towards saturation.

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3 user comments

16.10.2010 0:53

As long as they offer the combo packs that include both the BluRay and DVD at reasonable prices that is cool with me. I just picked up Iron Man 2 at Best Buy in a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy combo pack for $19.99 which was only a few bucks more than just the DVD itself. I do not have a BluRay player yet but eventually I will get one I suppose.

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26.10.2010 7:31

This was reported on IGN over a month ago, apparently they are also reducing shelve space on audio CDs as well, to make room for more gaming software for consoles and PC. This strategy will help make them more $, as gaming is one of the top sources for Xmas shopping. It's unlikely that shelve space will change either, once the holidays are over.

36.10.2010 19:29

I guess its a good thing I switched to bluray last christmas.

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