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Verizon iPhone coming in Q1 2011, says WSJ

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 06 Oct 2010 14:34 User comments (5)

Verizon iPhone coming in Q1 2011, says WSJ According to a new WSJ article, Apple is all set to begin manufacturing a CDMA iPhone, one that will be available on the carrier by the Q1 2011.
The phone will be identical to the current iPhone 4 sold via AT&T and other carriers internationally, except using CDMA instead of GSM.

In the United States, Apple has had an exclusive agreement with AT&T since the original iPhone's launch in 2007.

Furthermore, the article cites sources who say Apple is already developing the iPhone 5, one that will "be a different form factor from those that are currently available."

That vague sentence leaves a lot up to interpretation as Apple has never hinted about adding a physical keypad to the device or of significantly changing the form factor.

Verizon, Apple and Qualcomm (the maker of the CDMA chip) have all declined comment.

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5 user comments

16.10.2010 15:02

Wanted one for years but then I found the Moto Droid and will never go back.

26.10.2010 16:07

Too bad. I was hoping for T-Mobile. CDMA phones suck.

36.10.2010 23:23

I sure hope that this is like everything else WSJ has ever said...because I am not looking forward to Verizon being slowed down by a bunch of iPhone users.

47.10.2010 3:41

The key is NOT ever subscribing to Verizon.

57.10.2010 12:54

Verizon rocks in my area but I hate to see i-anything

You'll just hold it wrong anyway...

Just my $0.02,


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