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Eminem publishers demand $2.2 million from iTunes, Universal

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 13 Oct 2010 0:24 User comments (5)

Eminem publishers demand $2.2 million from iTunes, Universal Apparently the spat between Eminem's publisher, Eight Mile Style, and both record company Universal and online music store iTunes has not been fully settled.
The Detroit News has reported that the publisher has filed for the U.S. District Court judge in Detroit to enforce the settlement reached in the lawsuit against both Universal and iTunes.

Essentially, Eight Mile Style wants Universal and iTunes to hand over $2.2 million (what proportion each must pay is unknown) which includes legal fees.

In 2007, Eight Mile Style filed a lawsuit against Apple for selling 93 downloads of Eminem tracks without paying appropriate compensation, and against Aftermath Records (owned by Universal) for illegally negotiating the deal.

The case went to trial last year but after five days in federal court a deal was reached for an undisclosed sum to settle the case.

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5 user comments

113.10.2010 2:16

hahaha Eminem's must of ran out of money, too many purple pills

213.10.2010 3:53

if they RIAA scum can screw over eminem just imagine what they are doing to the little fish!

remember its all about the artists!

313.10.2010 3:58

Big the big fish eat the little fish and then they turn into fish poo

Everyone sues everyone even for as little as that person sneezed on me and gave me this disease and now i need all your money.

Please, how many household's could all these big stars cover and they complain they don't have enough money.

This is what 10k of drugs a day can do eh

413.10.2010 5:31

A person shares one CD online, making no money...they get taken to court and sued for $8,000 per track. Itunes shares 10 CDs online, making $1 per track, and they sell them to tens of thousands of people. If there was any justice in the world, they would be getting sued for at least 8K per track, per share.

I can't say I like Mr Skittles...but he is owed money for what was stolen from him...and he should be able to collect maximum fines given the fact that those who stole from him are the same people pushing these maximum fines.

513.10.2010 8:06

itunes stole his music and made a huge profit from it.Everyone from eminems mum to some kid that bullied him in high school has tryed to sue him and he did nothing wrong (ok maybe he made songs about them).About time eminem tryed sueing someone.Who honestly cares wether he spends $10000 a day on drugs its his money and he can do what he wants with it.

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