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Social gaming company Ngmoco purchased for $400 million

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Oct 2010 22:40

Social gaming company Ngmoco purchased for $400 million Japanese mobile Internet company DeNA has purchased the popular social gaming company Ngmoco for $300 million, with an extra $100 million coming if certain targets are hit.
Ngmoco creates mobile games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch including popular games like "We Rule," "GodFinger" and "Flick Fishing."

Based in San Fransisco, Ngmoco offers free games then makes money off "virtual goods" and in-game ads.

The company also offers the Plus+ platform, giving developers a chance to distribute their games and let players connect with friends across the world playing the same game.

Ngmoco says Plus+ has 14 million registered users.

"They have great games, but what we value in Ngmoco is their platform,"
added Dai Watanabe, president of DeNA Global. "We want to use that platform the same way we operate our business in Japan."

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