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Netflix streaming rules U.S. Internet traffic

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 22 Oct 2010 12:45 User comments (6)

Netflix streaming rules U.S. Internet traffic RWW has reported today that Netflix rules Internet traffic during peak times in the United States as demands continues to increase.
Netflix currently has 16 million subscribers, most of which can access the company's "Watch Instantly" streaming catalog from their mobile devices, computers and TVs.

Given the strong demand, the site says Netflix accounts for just over 20 percent of all American downstream traffic during peak Internet hours.

Bandwidth "consumption," however, still remains low in the U.S., compared to other regions, as the average connection time is 3 hours in the States compared to 5.5 hours average for all of Asia.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has made it clear that the company will continue to build its streaming service, even admitting that the company may soon offer a new streaming-only subscription package that will be cheaper than current mixed plans which offer physical rentals and streaming for consumers who may not care for rentals.

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6 user comments

122.10.2010 13:46

Although I would consider a streaming only option. I have found some situations where must have content was only on disc. Therefore, I support the mixed plan, at the moment.

222.10.2010 18:29 people stream...and ill be downloading on my P2P.

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322.10.2010 23:35

If they would add more movies to the streaming catalog, I would not need the disks...but about 90% of the things I search for are not available through streaming. As for just isn't worth the time to me.

423.10.2010 8:55

Originally posted by DXR88: people stream...and ill be downloading on my P2P.
Amen :)

Forza Juve!!

523.10.2010 14:44

Its pretty good I did the trial for a month but they don't have enough latest movies, its good if you like wathcing old classics thought.

624.10.2010 6:27

Personally, my biggest complaint is all the new movies they have up there...if I wanted the latest studio atrocities, I would be using redbox.

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