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Sharp is officially out of the PC business

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Oct 2010 19:44 User comments (9)

Sharp is officially out of the PC business The Japanese Nikkei has reported today that Sharp is officially out of the PC business, pulling the plug on their personal computing operations.
Sharp has not put out a new PC in the last year.

Additionally, the report says that Sharp will now re-focus on "marketing its Galapagos tablet devices coming out in December, along with providing content such as e-books, music and video for these products."

Sharp is a big player in the HDTV, LED, LCD and solar markets.

Many major computer makers have shifted their focus away from PCs towards tablets and other mobile devices.

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9 user comments

125.10.2010 20:57

Sharp made computers?

225.10.2010 21:06

I have never seen a Sharp computer.

325.10.2010 21:23

maybe they make computer parts

425.10.2010 22:31

Originally posted by cleverick:
I have never seen a Sharp computer.
Me neither, but they did make them.

525.10.2010 23:16

So I'm NOT the only one who didn't know they made computers.

626.10.2010 0:41

They made computers for sale in Japan and probably never marketed it outside Japan.

726.10.2010 4:57

I know that a few of their desktops made it to NA back in the late 1980's and a few laptops made it over in the early 1990's. Can't say I have seen anything from them this century...

826.10.2010 7:58

just another gateway, don't think i have ever seen one.

927.10.2010 10:09

Originally posted by Morreale:
Sharp made computers?
I know.

Forza Juve!!

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