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Mozilla pays tween $3000 for discovering Firefox flaw

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 26 Oct 2010 0:34 User comments (12)

Mozilla pays tween $3000 for discovering Firefox flaw Mozilla has paid 12-year old Alex Miller $3000 this week, thanking him for finding a critical buffer overflow and memory corruption flaw in the popular Firefox browser.
The company pays out prizes to security researchers (or kids) who disclose vulnerabilities.

Miller says he became motivated to find a security hole in the browser after Mozilla bumped up its prize from $500 to $3000 earlier this year.

The 12-year old says he spent 90 minutes a day, for 10 days straight, until he found the critical flaw.

His 15-hour crusade netted him $3000.

TechSpot says the "flaw can be exploited to crash a victim's browser and potentially run arbitrary code on their computer."

Mozilla patched the exploit with the release of Firefox 3.6.11.

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12 user comments

126.10.2010 0:45

That's $200 an hour.


226.10.2010 1:02


326.10.2010 1:09
triple c
Unverified new user

never knew there were and companies out there that would actually reward there users for hard work. Usually when i find a flaw in a product they just run off with it and ether fix or not fix it. I have since then stopped giving companies my 2 cents about their products. knowing a bit about coding and a lot about computers and having done lots of computer repair its off to a 15 hour product flaw hunt. I think Mozilla deserves a prize for actually doing the right thing and paying the kid for his hard work. Congrats to Mozilla!!!

426.10.2010 2:16

This is a great story :)

526.10.2010 8:16

Good for him!That's money well earned!

626.10.2010 8:46

Smart kid. Now if only Microsoft would pay us for jailbreaking their devices... oh wait...

726.10.2010 9:33

Damn dude, congrats.

826.10.2010 10:38

Well done to the kid, and congrats to Mozzila for rewarding those that help out with their own personal time.

926.10.2010 12:40

Originally posted by JoeyMT:
Smart kid. Now if only Microsoft would pay us for jailbreaking their devices... oh wait...
say what?

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1026.10.2010 14:11

thats so awesome what a smart kid

1127.10.2010 6:24

Mozilla is the nicest and most uncorrupted techie firm out there.

IMPORTANT: If you hate Sony for being so corrupt, copy this image into your signature too!

1227.10.2010 10:04

Great job mate!

Forza Juve!!

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