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Verizon Wireless tiered data plans now live

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Oct 2010 1:38 User comments (3)

Verizon Wireless tiered data plans now live Verizon Wireless has started their tiered data plans for smartphones this week, giving users more options for their phone bandwidth needs.
Subscribers will now have the chance to purchase 150MB a month for $15, or keep their unlimited plan for $30.

The U.S.' largest carrier has said in the past that 95 percent of users don't need unlimited plans as a good portion use under 100MB per monthly cycle, especially BlackBerry users which tend to use the phone's data for email and quick browsing only.

Five percent of smartphone users use about 50 percent of all data bandwidth, added Verizon.

The $15 package is a "holiday promotion" but Verizon is likely to make it permanent.

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3 user comments

130.10.2010 7:35

They are even more stingy with the limited data plan than at&t who gives 200MB. Why do they give so little data. They are probably counting on overage charges. I wished it were something like 3-400. I had planned on upgrading to a smartphone when they finally got a lower data plan but I'm not so sure now.

230.10.2010 15:01
Unverified new user

I swear you guys will bitch about anything and will never be happy. Period. AT&T offers limited plans and you cry they don't have unlimited BAWWWW. Then Verizon keeps unlimited and you would think everyone would be happy but their limited is too limited so BAWWWW. Cry me a river and grow up ffs. You would cry that the sky is blue and if it changed to green you would want it blue again.

330.10.2010 17:53

Keeping my unlimited plan as my DX is rooted and religiously use wireless tether.

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