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iPhone what? New T-Mobile ad rips AT&T's lack of 4G

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Nov 2010 21:41 User comments (6)

iPhone what? New T-Mobile ad rips AT&T's lack of 4G T-Mobile USA has taken their "America's Largest 4G Network" ad campaign to the next level tonight, taking a direct shot at AT&T and the iPhone 4.
In the new ad, dubbed "Piggyback," T-Mobile plays up the fast speeds of its HSPA+ network, which boasts speeds faster than Sprint's 4G.

Playing off Apple's famous "Get a Mac" campaign, T-Mobile starts the commercial with two people standing next to each other, one being a MyTouch 4G and the other being an iPhone 4, piggybacking another person.

The iPhone is being "weighed down" by AT&T 3G network and lack of 4G, with the ad taking time to explain that T-Mobile users can video chat while connected to HSPA+, while iPhone 4 users can only use the FaceTime video chatting app when connected to Wi-Fi.

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6 user comments

12.11.2010 21:57

T-mobile has really stepped their game up big time! Could have been a little more original with the TV ad thought. Apple really squeezed everything out of that concept with the mac vs pc commercials.

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23.11.2010 0:28

I noticed they took more of a swipe at AT&T rather than at the iPhone 4 itself. Maybe T-Mobile will be getting the iPhone soon after all.

33.11.2010 7:58

So..going 4G changes your phone's gender?


43.11.2010 12:02

Facetime works fine over 3G. It's not enabled on purpose.

A jailbroken device can do it. I have seen this in action, I was just a witness.

54.11.2010 12:35

I'm a t-mobile customer with a Blackberry I would like to see the Blackberry Torch on T-mobiles network. The Blackberry Torch combines the Blackberry with Iphone functionality.

Ron Malone

64.11.2010 18:57

I recently had the chance to sit with friends and try out speed test on the Iphone 4G from AT&T, Sprint EVO, Verizon Droid and the T-mobile Vibrant phones.
I AT&T I-Phone was very nice in graphics and fast in response but the data speed was only 1.5 Mbs I found with Sprint that 1 you haver to turn on the 4g app in the EVO phone and its speeds where only 1.2Mbs I then looked at the Droid nice fast screen but the speeds where only 1.6Mbs then I looked at theT-mobile Vibrantwhich is not even HSPA+ it is only HSPA has a fast and nice screen and fast response with apps. and it speeds where 4.2Mbs also I might add the cost for the T-Mobile data plan at any level is cheaper then the other 3 carriers and I get more bang for the Buck. The app I used was called

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