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Wal-Mart begins offering free shipping for online purchases

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Nov 2010 0:17 User comments (6)

Wal-Mart begins offering free shipping for online purchases Wal-Mart has kicked off the holiday shopping season by offering free shipping on online purchases of 60,000 items, with no minimum purchase requirement.
The promotion will run from now until December 20th and is good on most items the company sells.

Says the company: "We want cost-conscious shoppers to save money so they can bring home more for less this holiday season."

Large rivals Target and J.C. Penney have also started free shipping promotions, but those have minimums. Target's is $50 and JCP's is $69.

The company says its offer will save customers up to $25 million during the holidays.

Orders will be in customer's hands within five business days, and if you are unsatisfied, return shipping is also free. You can also return an item to a local Wal-Mart if one is in your area.

Wal-Mart had 2010 fiscal revenue of $405 billion.

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6 user comments

112.11.2010 3:15

It is just like going to walmart, but without the customer service...oh wait; it is the same.

212.11.2010 18:26

I think it's a good idea, especially if you're buying heavy stuff... Like think how much shipping costs on something like a computer, or a microwave, or hell even a friggin' big screen TV!! You know, it's not just WEIGHT that determines how much shipping costs...

Is this the new business model? Free shipping? I wonder how Wal-Mart is gonna afford this! One think it's probably gonna drive around the neighborhood with a damn 18 wheeler dropping off stuff... "Hang on, sir, your package is all the way in the back of the truck... :)

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312.11.2010 19:06

Not bad Walmart prices without smelling Walmart people.

412.11.2010 20:07

>>Christmas was approaching . Everyone must was looking forward to it and was preparing for it . me >>too . so im willing to share with you a website http://www.i' edited by ddp
>>free shipping accept the paypal

Who the f*&k is this douchebag?? You must be from a third world country, can't even spell or make decent English sentences! "Christmas was approaching?" Yeah, and someone STOPPED it from getting here on December 25th!!! I'll take the free shipping and reject the paypal... :)

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512.11.2010 22:55

it's a bot.. not one of mine tho.. wrong name format

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613.11.2010 20:58

Haven't shopped at Walmart in over a year. I'm pretty proud of that fact.
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