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Man convicted over Tweet loses appeal

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 14 Nov 2010 17:15 User comments (5)

Man convicted over Tweet loses appeal In May, UK citizen Paul Chambers was convicted of sending a 'menacing' tweet via Twitter, with the British Court fining him 2500 and slapping him with a criminal record.
In early January, the airport in South Yorkshire was closed due to excessive snow and Chambers was so mad that he wrote: "Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your s*** together otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!"

Airport security officials saw the tweet and then passed on the complaint to the local authorities.

Chambers lost his job after being arrested, and was the first person to ever be convicted of a crime just for tweeting.

This week, a judge has refused to overturn the conviction, effectively ending Chamber's appeal.

The judge then yelled at the courtroom as a number of those sitting in the crowd were tweeting updates as the case progressed.

Thousands of Chamber's supporters took to Twitter after the decision, using the "trending topic" #IAmSpartacus to post menacing messages, with some threatening to blow up the White House, Downing Street, "everyone" and all other types of nouns.

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5 user comments

115.11.2010 10:52

Political correctness gone mad.

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215.11.2010 14:53

I landed at Heathrow;it's the first clue that your in a loonybin, there's no surprise here.

315.11.2010 19:36

What's the price on speech these days, fellas?

I've been away for a little while and heard it wasn't free anymore.

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415.11.2010 22:35

we have free speech but theres laws against it and none to enforce it.

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519.11.2010 20:18

there are so many ways to turn that round this day in time b#$w the ai#port sky hi#h w$%ld send people to jail!!! think I may #$%# letters there ok I didn't say it

Think the US should spend 4 billion on tweeter they'll make it up in court cost lmao.

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