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Hulu launches Hulu Plus, with price cut

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Nov 2010 23:42 User comments (4)

Hulu launches Hulu Plus, with price cut Hulu has officially launched their Plus premium service today, after months of beta.
Originally set at $10, Hulu has instead launched the service for $8, accepting the fact that $10 was too expensive.

Any subscriber who used Hulu Plus during the beta period will be credited the $2 difference, per month.

Plus offers back catalogs for NBC, Fox and ABC shows like "30 Rock" and "Glee."

The popular free Hulu site shows only the last 3-5 episodes of any given TV show.

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4 user comments

118.11.2010 1:03

How much refund do you get if you paid $1000 for a hulu compatible TV that has been blocked?

218.11.2010 11:34

Probably not one cent. I'd be pretty upset if that happened to me

319.11.2010 15:05

Hulu streaming is not high quality as Netflix :( But for $8 unlimited TV shows (new ones too), it's not bad. Netflix instant shows/movies are pretty limited. Although there are tons to choose from, but still not enough, no CSI :(


420.11.2010 21:59

Still not worth it...they better get down closer to $5 or less.

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