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Boxee Box sees first firmware update

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 27 Nov 2010 4:10

Boxee Box sees first firmware update Boxee has released the first major firmware update for their recently launched Boxee Box set-top, addressing some of the major bugs in the hardware.
The update will fix video artifacts seen in 1080i content via the Internet.

Networking has seen an overhaul, as well, with Boxes now having a "more accurate signal meter" when connected or trying to connect to Wi-Fi. All encryption modes are now supported, as well, and setup is streamlined for faster access.

Shared media will now work better, especially if you are using a Mac computer.

Scaling issues with the browser are now fixed, also, compensating for TV overscan.

Boxee sells the Box for $200, as a universal streaming device.

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