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Blockbuster kiosks must also wait 28 days for Warner releases

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 17 Dec 2010 23:40 User comments (8)

Blockbuster kiosks must also wait 28 days for Warner releases Blockbuster's Express movie-rental kiosks will have to wait 28 days before offering new releases from Warner Bros. for rental, putting it in the same boat as Netflix and Redbox.
The company agreed to the 28 day window in order to maintain a close relationship with Warner. It had tested same-day launches as recently as just weeks ago, including the title Knight and Day from Fox. The rental chain also cited lower distribution costs and a healthier supply for agreeing to the 28 day window.

It already had similar agreements with Fox and Universal in place. Blockbuster recently filed for bankruptcy in part as it shed popularity in the face of cheaper and more convenient alternatives.

Netflix agreed to a 28 day window to guarantee it access to major titles both for its physical rentals, and also for its popular movie streaming services.

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8 user comments

117.12.2010 23:57

Bunch of pussies.

218.12.2010 1:49

Screw you pushed for this crap back when you had brick-and-mortar stores, now you will suffer from it like everyone else. (other than the consumers who are spared having to watch the tripe for almost a month...they could be considered winners)

318.12.2010 2:47

When you guys get a minute, check these stock tickers...


418.12.2010 2:51

LoL...$0.17 per share? Almost worth buying for the off chance that they don't go bankrupt.

519.12.2010 10:58

lol should of bought it a month or so ago when i did @ $.05 a share. It was like winning a poker pot on a bluff. A nice triple up on my investment.

619.12.2010 12:48

Netflix - $180
BallBuster - 0.17 cents.


719.12.2010 16:18

Ya know it dose you no good to seat on a release until you release it like a random non event/holiday accident on a holiday......

You sell it first you sell it the most.

BTW unless you want to be holdant to their rules and buy directly from them at a good bulk rate, just acquisition the movies yourself, a middle man dose not need to be told how to do business from another middle man. Renting is practically used sale and unless you are copying(toking) without a license the there is nothing the CP owner can do to stop it...... you know what killed really Blockbusters? The film industry!

Ah life is funny like that....

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Lets renegotiate them.

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82.1.2011 23:29

Pfft 28 day wait. Yet another reason to pirate movies.

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