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Apple removes WikiLeaks app from iOS App Store

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Dec 2010 15:21 User comments (9)

Apple removes WikiLeaks app from iOS App Store After just 4 days in the store, Apple has pulled a WikiLeaks app from its iOS App Store.
The application provided WikiLeaks updates from the service's Twitter account, along with access to WikiLeaks documents.

Submitted to the store for approval on December 11th, developer Igor Barinov says the app was accepted last week and has already been removed.

The app cost $2 and Barinov says half the money made from the sales was donated to WikiLeaks.

Barinov claims to have already sent $1000 to Wikileaks.

A number of prominent banks and financial institutions have cut off all donations to WikiLeaks, including Bank of America and MasterCard.

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9 user comments

121.12.2010 15:37

and another reason why apple sucks,I hate that the only people that support wiki leaks are actual people, any company is just cutting them off, I can feel the elites of this country getting a tighter grip

221.12.2010 15:39

Bad move by Apple. This is in discord with their hipster fanbase. Don't they remember that they need to at least act like they're for openness and freedom?

321.12.2010 19:49

I would have donated all the money from the sales or released it for free. Although that has nothing to do with it getting pulled.
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421.12.2010 22:28

There is all ways jailbreaking it and getting it off Cydia :P hint hint wikileaks

521.12.2010 23:15

Standard apple Fascism. Sieg Heil Heir Jobs.

622.12.2010 1:53

Yes apple sucks once again,all they are about is control. I hope after annonymous crashes Amazon they hack the crap out of apple so everyone can see how crap their OS is.

722.12.2010 2:20

Well...a "Hot News" are about to be reveal about Crapple and Jobs very soon....

822.12.2010 9:56

Funny how all these companies feel that they need to jump on the band wagon!

Oh well Apple, another reason why "I'm a PC" and not a MAC or Apple user!

929.12.2010 1:35

Ok....How about this:

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