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Windows Phone 7 hits 5000 apps

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 30 Dec 2010 6:34 User comments (7)

Windows Phone 7 hits 5000 apps Microsoft has confirmed today that the Windows Phone 7 platform has reached its next milestone, 5000 applications.
In just two months since launch, WP7 has matched the total number of apps written for the WebOS operating system, which launched in June 2009.

An even better comparison may be that of the BlackBerry App World, which has 15,000 apps.

The news seems to bode well for WP7, which has had developers express concern over the facility of writing for the mobile OS.

Microsoft noted earlier this month that they had shipped 1.5 million WP7 smartphones, but it is unclear how many of those have been sold to end users.

The Apple iOS app store has 300,000 apps and the Android Market has 100,000.

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7 user comments

130.12.2010 19:37

Windows Phone 7 hits 5000 apps

If someone actually gave a rat's ass, that'd be a whole other story.

230.12.2010 20:10

Originally posted by ivymike:
Windows Phone 7 hits 5000 apps

If someone actually gave a rat's ass, that'd be a whole other story.

Forza Juve!!

330.12.2010 21:24

i remember when #apps was a channel on dalnet

431.12.2010 02:00

How many apps does a person "need"? 5000 is already more than enough. At least with Android and WP7 a majority of quality apps are made, with Apple it's just quantity.

531.12.2010 04:48

i would love to know how many of these apps are actually of any real use , i mean how many fart apps can any one person have?

631.12.2010 05:16

In the case of the WP7 Apps, im pretty sure that most of them are no use at all and the figures are stoked and fashioned to look higher than they really are.

All the developers i know have boycotted all ms smartphone development due to their lack of commitment and the windows mobile life cycles of the past and wont come back until moses parts the sea of ill wind.

I dont know anyone who even has a wp7, ive heard the stories and seen the pictures, however i dont know a single person with one or planning to be..... im starting to think it might just be more MS vapour ware lol.

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72.1.2011 09:40

So whats that, One app for every happy windows 7 phone owner.
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