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CES 2011: Dell shows new Alienware desktops, laptops

Written by James Delahunty @ 07 Jan 2011 5:12

CES 2011: Dell shows new Alienware desktops, laptops Dell has shown new Alienware-branded products at the Consumer Electronics Show.
The Alienware brand is Dell's premium high-performance PC gaming brand, and now Dell is complimenting the line-up with the new M17x laptop line and new Aurora desktop systems.

The MI7x is Alienware's first 3D-capable gaming laptop when the optional 120Hz w/3D Bundle WideFHD WLED LCD display and NVIDIA graphics card are included. M17x laptops come with the latest mobile Intel processors including the Intel Core i7 940XM Extreme Edition. It's dimensions are listed as (W)16.1" (D)12.6" (H)2.1". As with other Dell products, you build the system yourself online to what you want (here), with prices starting at $1,499.

"Serious PC gamers and enthusiasts who want an immersive, 3D and high-definition sound experience have found their universe," said Sam Burd, Vice President of Dell's Consumer, Small, and Medium Business group.

Alienware also introduced new models of its Aurora system, Alienware's first MicroATX desktops with full 3D HD capability and liquid-cooled CPUs. 3D-capability requires an optional 120Hz 3D capable LCD display, NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit and a NVIDIA graphics card.

Both 3D-capable, designed-for-gaming systems feature new, second-generation Intel quad-core processors with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 and hyper-threading technology that deliver Intel’s top-of-the-line performance that is faster than the previous generation CPUs.

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