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Intel doesn't feel threatened about Windows 8' ARM support

Written by James Delahunty @ 11 Jan 2011 2:08

Intel doesn't feel threatened about Windows 8' ARM support

Intel chief executive officer, Paul Otellini, has indicated to Fox Business Network that chipmaker giant is not concerned about Windows 8 running on ARM architecture.
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week, Microsoft demonstrated a build of Windows OS running on ARM and pledged to support ARM and play nicely with SoC developers over the coming years. Some had speculated the Intel would be concerned about its long-term partner Microsoft stretching its hand out to competitors.

"The Windows CE today, the Windows phone applications today all run on ARM and only on ARM, so what they are saying is for the tablet version and the phone version they are going to support ARM for Windows 8," Otellini said.

"What I am excited about is that Windows 8 will also support Intel down into the other devices. Today we do not have an opportunity to sell into Microsoft-based phones and Microsoft-based tablets."

ARM processors are dominating in portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, and now NVIDIA is talking about producing its own processors for personal computers using ARM technology too. Many analysts see it as NVIDIA standing up to Intel, due to Intel's continued advance into graphics solutions.

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