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Sony wants to be No.2 in tablets

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2011 2:09 User comments (7)

Sony wants to be No.2 in tablets A Sony executive has indicated that Sony is looking to catch up with market-leader Apple Inc., and take second place in sales of tablet PCs.
Sony's lack of a new tablet device to challenge the iPad was one surprise of the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Most other big players came with their iPad assassination attempts, including Samsung Electronics with its Galaxy Tab and Research in Motion's PlayBook.

While admittedly late to the game, Sony is looking to catch up quickly and get on the heels of the iPad. "For sure iPad is the king of tablets. But what is the second, what is the third? Who is taking the second position? That is our focus," computer division head Kunimasa Suzuki said. "We would like to really take the number two position in a year."

Sony CEO Howard Stringer also said that the company is waiting to watch the market and listen to consumer demands, specifically mulling whether or not adding 3D viewing capabilities to its own tablet device makes sense yet in the growing market.

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7 user comments

111.1.2011 3:22

If Sony were to make a decent priced tablet with Android 3.0 honeycomb, they could easily hit 2nd spot, possibly even 1st eventually. - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

211.1.2011 3:27

Sony: your mobile products are already "Number 2"...they are a big, steaming, stinking pile of "Number 2"

311.1.2011 4:04

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Sony: your mobile products are already "Number 2"...they are a big, steaming, stinking pile of "Number 2"
lmaoo i think sony will hit 2nd spot eventually

411.1.2011 5:57
Unverified new user

lol sony can continue to "Make Believe"

511.1.2011 6:01

I think this is the first time I've heard of a company aiming to be #2 for something. Seems somewhat humble and/or realistic of them?

611.1.2011 15:09

Sony would pack it with so much DRM that it would be unusable.
They will never get to number one or two in anything ever again.


713.1.2011 14:21

They are going to put the exclusive plugs and connectors compatible with nothing.
I'm so sorry SONY you are going to be the last .
Right now Motorola win in the 2011 CES with the Xoom tablet.

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