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The Pirate Bay's "Music Bay" is 'coming soon'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 23 Jan 2011 10:33 User comments (12)

The Pirate Bay's "Music Bay" is 'coming soon' A few years ago, the infamous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay registered The Music Bay domain, but did nothing with it.
It appears now, however, The Music Bay is well on its way to becoming a reality and TF says the record industry should be "very afraid" of its presence.

The subdomain has been displaying a "coming soon" headline recently, with no other details.

TF spoke with a Pirate Bay 'insider' who said:

The music industry cant even imagine what were planning to roll out in the coming months. For years theyve complained bitterly about piracy, but if they ever had a reason to be scared it is now. It will be a special surprise for IFPIs 78th birthday, and were thinking of organizing a huge festival in Rome where IFPI was founded.

The IFPI, one of the major music trade groups in the world, will turn 78 in April.

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12 user comments

123.1.2011 23:04

Wow these guys are serious.

224.1.2011 00:27

lol arnt they scared of being sued ?

324.1.2011 01:15

Originally posted by 3MUK:
lol arnt they scared of being sued ?

Been there, done that.

424.1.2011 04:34

i absolutely love these guys , they really make me smile

524.1.2011 06:08

Originally posted by 3MUK:
lol arnt they scared of being sued ?
havnt you seen the letter on the pirate bay.have a look on pirate bay at there responses to threats its worth looking at just for a laugh.

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624.1.2011 08:06

Woohoo :-D

Hope they have full albums in flac format,

Now that would be something else!

724.1.2011 15:29

Omg these guys got balls....I swear i'll donate money to them right now!!! Go Pirate bayyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!!

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824.1.2011 16:38

Complete Legends

Due to copyright issues I am sorry to say I am no longer Batman : (

925.1.2011 10:20

Setting up my music collection getting ready to upload a ton of stuff - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

1025.1.2011 12:28

I always thought about this idea every time I downloaded a song.

1125.1.2011 16:17

Hurry it up........I'll be there........NOT.........ha ha j/k.............maybe not..........yes I am.............who knows.

Don't really need now because all music is currently available via run of the mill torrent sites.

1226.1.2011 11:08

These guys has balls.

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