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Kaspersky reassures over source code leak

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 03 Feb 2011 0:31 User comments (3)

Kaspersky reassures over source code leak Kaspersky has re-assured users of its security software that the availability of source code for some of its past products on file sharing sites does not pose a threat.
The source code for early 2008 versions of the Kaspersky security suite was showing up on more file sharing sites and networks over the past few days. The code was originally taken by an employee who tried to auction it off online.

The incomplete dump of the code actually leaked in November but has only just become a popular thing to trade online recently. The easy availability of the code means that Kaspersky competitors can look over it and possibly make improvements to their own products based on it.

The company does not think that the code is of any use to authors of malware, however. The code is outdated and incomplete, and the core features of the software have been radically changed since it was in use.

"Kaspersky Lab reiterates that this incident cannot harm users of its products, solutions and services in any way. The stolen source code is related to one of the previous product lineups, and since then the company has renewed all key protection technologies," a statement reads.

"The stolen code represents a very small part of the modern product source code, and is not related to protection functionality. It also contains fragments of an obsolete version of the Kaspersky anti-virus engine, which has been radically redesigned and updated since the source code was stolen."

The ex-employee responsible for the leak was given a three year suspended sentence by a Moscow district court.

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3 user comments

13.2.2011 5:00

Don't reason to attack Kaspersky directly when ordinary viruses get through.

23.2.2011 15:31

Not that one I use that one!!! >>

33.2.2011 20:21

If it was to effect Kaspersky it would effect others as they all use simular cores for detection. Plus I agree that 2-3 years ago's code is out dated. I would still buy Kaspersky especially since they seem to be the best protection out there for the average person.

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