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IBM supercomputer beats humans in Jeopardy practice round

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 Feb 2011 0:53 User comments (3)

IBM supercomputer beats humans in Jeopardy practice round IBM's supercomputer "Watson," set to take on human contestants on "Jeopardy" this month, has beaten its two competitors in a quick practice round.
Watson will take on all-time champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.

In 2005, Ken Jennings won 74 straight games en route to $2.5 million in earnings. Rutter did not win as many games, but took home $3.2 million, the highest ever.

Watson will take on Rutter and Jennings over a three-day period and the winner will receive $1 million. Second place gets $300,000 and third gets $200,000. IBM will donate all their winnings to charity and Jennings and Rutter will donate half.

IBM says the supercomputer will not have Internet access, but is loaded with a massive database "covering topics from history to entertainment." The computer can even "differentiate between literal and metaphorical expressions and understand puns and slang."

In the practice round, Watson beat out Jennings and Rutter, taking $4400 in the round to Jennings $3400 and Rutter's $1200.

The real competition starts on February 14th.

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17.2.2011 1:00 they just need to build it a body and give it a gun!

27.2.2011 2:58
Unverified new user

hmm why wont it play chess anymore?> oh thats right it requires more than just calculating, it requires abstract thinking and imagination

311.2.2011 14:34

Well, a supercomputer already beat the world champion. Where do you go after that?

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