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'Angry Birds' confirmed for Nintendo Wii, 3DS

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2011 2:48 User comments (4)

'Angry Birds' confirmed for Nintendo Wii, 3DS Rovio Mobile has announced this week that Nintendo fans will be getting 'Angry Birds,' as well, with Wii and 3DS versions confirmed.
Furthermore, the company announced a Valentine's Day version, and a "secret" Rio-based level for the game.

Rio is an upcoming animated movie telling the story of a Macaw and his adventures.

Rovio did not give a specific date for the Nintendo version, except to say "later this year."

The Angry Birds mini-game, with 63 levels, hit the PS3 and PSP last month.

Rovio says the Valentine's Day levels will be an update to Angry Birds: Seasons, which is $1 on the iPhone and free on Android.

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4 user comments

18.2.2011 16:16

Who F'ing cares. Dumb game for those that are "socially awkward".

28.2.2011 21:48

Yeah, this game is seriously not up to the hype AT ALL.

38.2.2011 22:43

It isn't a terrible game if you have nothing else to do and you only play for a short bit at a time. Of course, that is why it is on cell phones; because people bring them everywhere and they can play a quick level or two while waiting for a few looses a lot of value when it is on a system that is tied to a TV, and the PSP/DS versions are just worthless from the start; there are much better games on those platforms.

Then again, if they did angry birds in 3D, with a Kineckt version for the 360 and a PSmove version for the PS3, so that the player is "flinging" the birds into the TV, that might actually be a good application of such technologies. With a bit of work, they might even be able to create a "lite" version for the Wii.

422.10.2011 10:28
Unverified new user

It is for kids how edited by ddp old are yall?

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