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LG wants to block import of PS3 into U.S.

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Feb 2011 21:37 User comments (10)

LG wants to block import of PS3 into U.S. LG has filed a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission this week, asking the ITC to block the import of the Sony PlayStation 3.
The company is claiming that the Blu-ray drive in every PS3 console violates multiple LG patents.

Sony, Sony Corporation of America, Sony Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment America are all cited in the complaint, says Cnet.

The patents in question relate to "the way a Blu-ray player reproduces data from a Blu-ray disc" and how it "reproduces multiple data streams by way of multiple camera angles."

Finally, LG says Sony is violating a patent relating to the display of subtitles in Blu-ray films.

LG's choice, over 1500 days after the PS3 launched in the U.S., seems like a direct retaliation for Sony's complaint filed with the ITC late last year over patent violations in mobile phones.

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10 user comments

18.2.2011 21:40

let them sue the pants off each other lol maybe sony can focus on that instead of harrassing homebrew hackers.

28.2.2011 21:56

Oh boy, good luck with that.

38.2.2011 22:25

Sony loves to throw stones from their glass house.

48.2.2011 22:32

Originally posted by KillerBug:
Sony loves to throw stones from their glass house.

But what if they're trapped in said glass house?

58.2.2011 23:17

...A house of their own building, nevertheless.

69.2.2011 5:20

Originally posted by DougAdams:
copywrites & patents are helping the demise of the human race, imagine if the corporations worked for the benefit of the people instead of profits.

capitalism = slaves & poverty for the majority.

your picture does not make me feel sad, what is sad is the people of Africa(and other suppressed nations) do not wish change. there inaction to protect there own people to resist and fight oppression is what is killing them. corporations, are only adding fuel to the fire with free handout's it assures these place's of poverty an depression will remain in poverty and depression.

now as par the topic, its never going to happen the ITC is not going to halt trade over a patient dispute the worst thing that could happen is sony winds up paying a large fine and will start paying licenses fee's.
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710.2.2011 6:18

Capitalism = freedom

The answer is not to get rid of capitalism, there are a lot of theories on how to level the playing field, but removing capitalism just gives the power to the government...and the government has way too much power as it is.

Personally, I think the answer is law enforcement...enforce every law to the letter. I know this would never work because of all the insane laws we have, but that is the whole point...if a law cannot/should not be enforced against you, then it should not be enforced against anyone else either...and it should be removed from the books. There should be no exemptions made for specific people, companies, or products...if it is legal to jailbreak (to allow for the use of 3rd party code) an iPhone, it should be legal to do it on any device. Of course, that is just my opinion.

810.2.2011 13:48

I mean Really?
They waited 5 years to pursue a lawsuit?
If it didn't bother them when the PS3 launched then why even bother 5 years later?

911.2.2011 8:53

Originally posted by DougAdams:
@ DXR88
the image is of children dying of aids because the USA & its corporations blocked generic drugs, so unless the worthless people of Africa could cough up several thousand $ their future wasn't very bright.

patents & copywrite are evil, which is more important, human life or profit?

Could trade rules spell the end of lifesaving cheap Aids drugs?

& the USA is trying to block generic drugs yet again.
And when these kids grow up with the aid of a generic drug, that slows aids bio degradation. they'll have children there children will have aids the wife that maybe didn't have aids will no doubt have it now, there children will seek to aspire to better things and will head to free country's for education and with them they will bring there disease. the ripple effect will spread rather quickly...the maker of these generic drugs will be the ones having the last laugh, they'll have a client base of over 5 billion.

it sounds cruel, but its better to cut off the diseased arm than let it spread to the rest of the body. less the diseased arm can be cured. permanently.

on another note,

you call patients an copyrights evil, but fail to realize the maker of these drugs have patented there findings..ultimately halting a progress to a cure over a petty drugs technique to suppress aids.

all drug maker's profit on the disparity of people affliction, be it aids or a common cold.

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1011.2.2011 10:54

um... history channels talks about this as well so not sure what LG talking about

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