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iPhone 5 to have dual-core A5 processor, 4-inch screen?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2011 3:40 User comments (3)

iPhone 5 to have dual-core A5 processor, 4-inch screen? Multiple reports today have posted different rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5, which still remains unconfirmed but is expected to launch during the summer, one year after the release of the iPhone 4.
Apple will move the iPhone to a 4-inch screen and use a dual-core A5 processor, likely running at 1.2GHz.

The reports come from Taiwanese component suppliers.

Samsung will provide brand new Super PLS (Plane-to-Line Switching) displays to Apple for the iPhone 5, with Apple having purchased a rumored whopping $7 billion worth of the component for the year.

As compared to the IPS displays seen in the iPad/iPhone 4, the Super PLS screens are brighter, have better viewing angles and are cheaper to produce.

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3 user comments

115.2.2011 13:41

apple buying screens from samsung? thats crazy, remember the Incredible shortage just before the galaxy S launch? im sure HTC wont be doing bussness with them for awhile

216.2.2011 0:02

htc is shit anyways, they make incredibly cheap devices that do not last the entire life of the contract.


316.2.2011 0:33

first of all i would like to point out a obvious flaw with bigger screens...they break more easily compared to a smaller screen 4" will break very often and easily this is already been put in the rubbish bin and i bet it will cost a few thousands dollars as well being apple its over priced garbage made from foxconn crap

i personally back HTC phones there quality is very good for a phone especially for their price range yes they could be better but for there prices ranges there quality of their builds its amazing especially in comparison to apple devices that cost a fortune and are a major headache

apple is overrated like Porsche and Ferrari everyone wants one because they cost alot and look "nice" or shiny its like a status symbol "ya i can afford a iPhone 4 check it out" or "ya i can afford a Ferrari check it out" nothing worse than people wanting a status symbol its like "yep i think im rich because i spent all my money on my phone and decided to go without food for a week" or a "i live in a sh** hole of a house but i have a nice phone so ya im rich since u cant afford a iphone 4"

now for those thinking im a poor bastard who is jealous im actually doing really well for my self and could afford a iphone 4 but i much rather a HTC wildfire it dose the job and does it well and if i loose it big woop who care i can just get another its not a $1200AUD phone its only $300AUD (unlocked prices in Australia)

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