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Redbox to start streaming service to rival Netflix

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 17 Feb 2011 3:25 User comments (6)

Redbox to start streaming service to rival Netflix Redbox, the popular $1-a-night DVD rental company, will start a subscription-based Internet streaming service, one that will directly rival Netflix.
President Mitch Lowe told analysts that the new subscription model will also give users a chance to still rent physical DVDs along with unlimited streaming.

Netflix reported last quarter that they moved to over 20 million subscribers, a huge jump since the start of 2010.

The LATimes speculates that Amazon will be Redbox's streaming partner:

Redbox has previously said it will launch a digital service with a partner but has not identified the partner. Several people familiar with the matter have confirmed that is in talks with studios to acquire content for a Netflix-like subscription movie streaming service set to launch soon, making it a likely candidate to be Redbox's partner.

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6 user comments

117.2.2011 9:32

Not gonna happen.

Netflix already has this market. Not gonna be profitable for Redbox in the long run unless something happens to Netflix.

217.2.2011 11:22

Will be tough anyway....seems like even my toilet has netflix installed...

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Just my $0.02,


318.2.2011 8:51

I think it has a shot. they have two things going for them. 1. there is not another competitor atm. and 2. They might offer different/additional movies that netflix does not yet have access to. I personally would subscribe to both and may the best one win!

418.2.2011 8:58

I used to have the blockbuster plan with DVDs by mail and something like 5 or more in store movie exchanges per week( which I loved because you could get any movie). That being said, I switched to Netflix. It's cheaper, the DVDs only take one day to get mailed to me and the steaming is flawless on my PS3.

I truly believe they are wasting their time at Redbox. How can they compete with 20 million subscribers, especially when Netflix now has an unlimited streaming only plan for $7.99?

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518.2.2011 9:57

They are having problems and put this on hold in a report I got yesterday

622.2.2011 17:08

If Redbox is using Amazon as their streaming partner, why not just go with the new Amazon streaming service? What movies will Redbox offer that Amazon won't? Will Redbox be able to price its service any cheaper?

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