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WebOS 2.1 SDK now available

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Mar 2011 1:40

WebOS 2.1 SDK now available HP has made the webOS 2.1 SDK available this weekend to all, removing the NDA.
Developers can know get a look into "Synergy," "Exhibition Mode" and other new features.

Furthermore, the company says the HP Veer smartphone is "just around the corner."

The webOS 3.0 SDK, which is optimized for tablets, is still under NDA but "is coming soon."

Says HP:

The webOS 2.1 SDK has officially exited the Early Access program and is now available for download from the HP webOS Developer Center. Using the 2.1 SDK, you can now:

Take advantage of unique webOS features like Just Type, Exhibition and Synergy.
Build and distribute hybrid apps, combining HTML, JavaScript and CSS with C/C++.
Develop webOS services in JavaScript with node.js.
Got apps for Pixi? They’ll work on the all-new HP Veer.

More good news! If you’ve created apps for the Palm Pixi, they’ll just work on the HP Veer, the next all-new webOS smartphone that’s coming just around the corner. We’re going to do a big push around this tiny marvel of a phone, so if your app isn’t already optimized for Pixi’s 320×400 display, it’s definitely worth considering. Get on the Veer wave!

The transition to webOS 3.0: Things to keep in mind

As we all make this transition to 3.0, one of the biggest questions from developers is, what should I do now?

If you’re a developer with existing webOS apps…
You can extend your reach by optimizing your app for the HP Veer and Pre3, using new and updated features in webOS 2.0 like Just Type, Exhibition and Synergy.

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