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Kingston releases SSDNow V100 firmware update to fix data loss bug

Written by James Delahunty (Google+) @ 29 Mar 2011 17:37 User comments (2)

Kingston releases SSDNow V100 firmware update to fix data loss bug Kingston has announced a new firmware updaye for SSDNow v100 SSDs due to a bug that could lead to data loss.
The company released a statement to the media today, which reads...
"We have learned that a small percentage of our SSDNow V100 sold in the past has experienced a technical issue on the firmware. Kingston strongly recommends that a firmware update be applied to all SSDNow V100 drives to prevent possible data loss.

The firmware update to fix the technical issue is available via Kingston Technical Support. As with any firmware update, we recommend that you back up your data prior to applying the firmware revision.

Customer satisfaction and producing high quality products is the key to Kingston's success, so we want to make every effort to ensure that our customers are aware of this firmware revision and have the opportunity to patch their V100 drive(s).

The firmware update can be downloaded from our dedicated support page:

Customers can also contact our customer service hotline at 888.484.9125 for more information.

Affected Part Numbers are:

SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, SV100S2N/64GZ
SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, SV100S2N/128GZ
SV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ

It is important to note that none of Kingston's other SSDNow products -- with part numbers beginning with SNE, SNM, SS, SNV, SNVP and SVP -- are affected by this potential issue."

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2 user comments

130.3.2011 10:43

Fixing this AFTER THE FACT is just plain inexcusable. They should be sued to teach them a lesson for bringing to market a broke-ass P.O.S.

Do it right the first time or don't f'ing do it at all.

Of course, there are exceptions to this because humanity isn't perfect...........except myself.

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231.3.2011 8:17

You sound like a Sheldon from BBT, log up your arse with no consideration for others.

Your complaining about a small percentage of items that had a buggy code in it which you know what everything has at least one bug in it and even if you are a developer i am sure your code is not that great either so take a back seat because Kingston is bigger then your week to week job and also they provided a fix for it too so where's the beef noobtube!

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