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Verizon to upgrade some of network to 100Gbps capacity

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Apr 2011 0:50 User comments (3)

Verizon to upgrade some of network to 100Gbps capacity Verizon Communications has confirmed today that it will upgrading backbone pipes to 100Gbps capacity in some parts of the U.S., planning for a streaming/cloud future.
The routes being upgraded include Chicago to New York, Sacramento to L.A. and Minneapolis to Kansas City, Kansas.

Says the company:

We've already successfully deployed 100G on a portion of our European network, and now we're preparing to expand this technology to our U.S. network. Advancing to 100G is a significant step in strengthening our global IP network to handle the bandwidth demands of our customers whether it's large enterprises or the average consumer. Besides greater scalability and network efficiencies, we also expect 100G deployment to improve latency on a route-by-route basis.

Verizon began its rollout of 100G in November 2007 and was the first to successfully complete a field trial of 100G optical traffic on a live system.

A standards-based, multivendor 100G Ethernet link for an IP backbone was deployed to their European network for the route between Paris and Frankfurt earlier this year.

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3 user comments

11.4.2011 10:29

How did Europe get this upgrade before the U.S.??? What crap! American company should take care of Americans first.

This is as irritating as when we call our service companies and they say "Press 1 for English" about English is the standard in the U.S. and we don't press a thing.

21.4.2011 18:33

Well f*** me. 12.5GB per second. (taking into account 1GB=8Gb) Lol probably going to get corrected here :).

32.4.2011 11:43

Hmmm.... 100Gbps, nice. And what's Version's data cap at for their "unlimited" plan?

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