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'Harry Potter' books to finally go digital

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 06 Apr 2011 1:24 User comments (3)

'Harry Potter' books to finally go digital

In a move that should bring substantial more money to author JK Rowling, the blockbuster 'Harry Potter' book series is expected to go digital for the first time ever, 14 years after the 1997 release of 'The Sorcerer's Stone.'
All seven of the books will soon become available via the iPad and the Kindle e-reader, and should net Rowling 100 million.

Scotsman cites Rowling's agent as confirming the imminent deal.

Rowling has an estimated fortune nearing $1 billion USD, following the record sales of the books, the films, the DVD/Blu-rays and other merchandise.

One editor added:

Experts believe that move could revolutionize the world of electronic publishing, triggering rocket sales of e-book readers such as Kindle and the iPad.

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3 user comments

16.4.2011 03:39

Took them long enough, the Harry Potter books have been online since they were realized in print (if not earlier)

26.4.2011 08:58

Yeah...they probably just used the torrents as a source!

36.4.2011 10:32

Rowling was extremely stubborn about this. I remember reading an article saying she was concerned with people pirating the books. Other authors who had gone digital pretty much told her she was crazy to be missing out on millions of dollars and that pirate copies of her books were already out anyway but she would rather keep her head in the sand about it.

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