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HP TouchPad coming on June 22nd?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 08 Jun 2011 23:12 User comments (4)

HP TouchPad coming on June 22nd? Although unconfirmed, the latest rumor surfacing is that HP's TouchPad tablet will be released on June 22nd.
The date comes via Synnex, and IT equipment company, who has the tablet listed with a 6/22 date.

HP's base 16GB model will sell for $500 and the 32GB for $600.

The company has confirmed a "late June" launch so the date is certainly plausible.

TouchPads will have a 9.7-inch display with 1024x768 resolution, WebOS run a dual-core 1.2Ghz Snapdragon processor, Beats Audio technology, stereo speakers, a 1.3MP front-side camera, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR.

HP's tablet will weigh 1.6 pounds and feature a gyro, accelerometer, and compass and full Flash support, just like Android.

Additionally, the tablet's virtual keypad will have a full number row, come with QuickOffice installed, Google Docs support, Dropbox,, VPN and wireless printing support.

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4 user comments

19.6.2011 5:02

It is like an overgrown iPaq...they should call it the iPad...oh wait, that sounds like a feminine hygiene product...and I think Apple might already be using it.

29.6.2011 13:58

WTF is with the $500/600 price tags? I mean I can appreciate that it's still bellow half the price of an iPud, but "lord the mighty damn"! Didn't these things when they were hitting the market start at the $200 range?

I didn't figure these puppies to break much over the $400/450. Now we're back to same thing as loaded laptop. Yet these things don't do what laptops can do... Hell, laptops barely (unless you spend a boatload of cash) do what a desktop will do.

So again, I resoundingly say, WTF!?!

39.6.2011 17:20

2 years 2 late...the only tablet now that might actually put a dent in the iPad now will be the Wii U controller.
Jesus KillerBug, your endless comments/references on apple make me believe strongly that you have an obsession with their products, maybe secretly want one too.

"Cable thief is a victimless crime."

410.6.2011 12:16

Not that I 'really' want to pounce on the Apple commenting parade... but my biggest complaint with those folks at the moment is their "clod", sorry, "cloud" arrangement for storage options of music. I'm sure this will (or by now has) expand in the future to other things as well (documents, movies, storage as a whole).

My complaint being the huge mud slide of cyber attacks doesn't leave me with a real 'warm fuzzy' with regards to the safety of my stuff on line anymore; at all. Not to mention, 'cloud' anything.

I mean, you're paying Steve to store "your" stuff. On "his" computer. Not "your" computer. That means 'he' can go through "your" stuff any time 'he' feels like it. That's like your landlord coming through your apartment literally ANY time of the day or night that he wants. At least here in the US there are laws that keep you from doing that. Except, currently, there aren't any laws keeping Steve out of your files on "his" computer. And don't argue with me either.

The laws regulating this shit LITERALLY haven't been written yet folks!

It's just like back in the 60s when smoking pot in the streets was basically legal for a while. Most people didn't know what the hell it was! Once they figured it out, THEN it became illegal.

So yeah, all those steamy poofing letters to Buffy? Stevie-booboo is pouring over them with his joint in one hand and the puck in the other; mark my words.

"Cloud" computing as a whole (not just Apple) just isn't what I would consider a great idea. Maybe in an intranet, closed environment workplace, but as a national or globalscape? I'll go ahead and keep crying over my fried hard drive.

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