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AfterDawn's 12th birthday

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 10 Jun 2011 19:44 User comments (26)

AfterDawn's 12th birthday Damn, somehow it seems that it was only yesterday when we launched our site, but in fact, it has been 12 years since that day. Twelve years is a long time, but in "Internet time", it feels like an eternity -- Facebook, for example, wasn't born until 2004 (and made its breakthrough years later), Google became the most popular search engine 2-3 years after our site's launch, etc.
Of course, our site has gone through tons of changes during all these years, too, but the basic set up is still the same; we aim to provide good quality tech news, along with tech forums and tons of other stuff that should help the average Joe to get a grasp of things like video editing, console technology and more.

The past year has been quite unusual for us, as our site hasn't gone through any dramatic changes recently. Instead, we've focused on making the site more robust, to improve usability, etc. Biggest changes for our company have actually involved "non-English-and-non-Finnish" properties of ours. In February, our Dutch site went properly live, when Plankje joined our ranks and started working for the service. Furthermore, we launched a localized version (courtesy of our licensing deal with Bestofmedia) of Tom's Hardware in Finland.

For the upcoming year, we plan to make quite big changes to our server set up and hope that those changes will boost the site's usability and reliability. Furthermore, we plan to launch localized versions of Tom's Hardware in other Nordic countries and hope to expand AfterDawn's own brand to new markets as well.

Anyway, it is time for me to join my colleagues here in Finland for few drinks :-) As usual, I'd like to thank all of our staff members, moderators and users for keeping this site alive and kicking for all these years. Thank you.

-Petteri Pyyny, CEO
AfterDawn Oy

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26 user comments

111.6.2011 6:31

And happy Birthday to a wonderful site!


211.6.2011 6:57

I can't believe another year has gone through! feels just like yesterday when I posted a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY AD!!" comment! But oh well...
Happy Birthday AD!!
I have been a member since Dec 2006, Always a great resource of all my Tech needs. Keep up the great work guys. greetings and wishes from India.

(I have a feeling that a mod is gonna give me warning for my sig....)

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311.6.2011 7:55

Happy Birthday Afterdawn

411.6.2011 8:52

Greetings from Richmond, va.

Happy birthday Afterdawn. Keep up the good work.

511.6.2011 9:15

Happy Birthday Afterdawn, keep it up.

611.6.2011 9:18

Happy birthday, time sure does fly by.

711.6.2011 9:33

Happy Birthday AD, keep up the good work and best wish's for many more.

811.6.2011 10:15

Big follower here in Toronto.
I love your newsletter and short/summarized news items.
Keep on truckin' eh.

911.6.2011 10:47

Happy Birthday AD. I enjoy your site and its users. Many times the forum section has been very helpful.
Job well done AD.

1011.6.2011 12:00

Happy B-Day Afterdawn!!! - BLUEBOY

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1211.6.2011 13:34

Happy Birthday!

1311.6.2011 14:01

As I'm sure there will be many more, I redundantly add...

Happy Birthday AfterDawn

1411.6.2011 14:28

Happy Birthday A.D. !!!!!!


1511.6.2011 15:18

Happy Birthday!!!!WEEEEEEE!!!

Being nice always has its own consequences

1611.6.2011 15:46

From Las Vegas...Happy 12th Birthday AD !

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Live Free or Die.
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1711.6.2011 15:53

Oh, it's true, time goes by really FAST! Been here myself since 9 years ago, and I'm still loving it like the first time I logged in. Afterdawn is one of the best web sites ever created. Period.

So, happy birthday, and keep growing that healthy for many more years to come!

"You know, it seems that quotes on the internet are becoming less and less reliable." -Abraham Lincoln.

1811.6.2011 16:45

Happy birthday, you've helped me out on so many occasions, cheers guys, here's to many more!

1911.6.2011 16:56

Happy 12th AD, A day after my daughters 13th, i raise a glass of scotch to you, no ice, All the best from Scotland.

2011.6.2011 17:00

Happy Birthday, and thanks for a great resource.

2111.6.2011 18:28

happy birthday AD

2212.6.2011 3:48

Happy Birthday AfterDawn... Montreal Quebec, joined your site few years ago, because problem with Pc, went to fourm, people were great got answer to fixing Pc been getting news letter ever since, but let me just add that the people we meet in the fourm help make this great site too.

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2312.6.2011 13:07

Happy B-Day afterdawn! Been here a few years my self. Love the forums, love the people, the newsletter etc. Keep up the good work. I'm not going anywhere ;)

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2412.6.2011 21:59

WoW that was the year duke nukem forever was supposed to come out wasnt it? Happy Birthday, Great Job!

2512.6.2011 23:47

AGAIN?? lol. One of the BEST sites on the web. Period. Happy Birthday Afterdawn. :)

2614.6.2011 11:25

Happy F'ing birthday and WHERE'S MY TOWEL?

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