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It's a boy!

Written by Matti Vähäkainu (Google+) @ 16 Jun 2011 6:18 User comments (19)

It's a boy! On behalf of the whole AfterDawn staff congratulations to our very own web designer Teemu and his wife Katariina who just became parents of a newborn boy!

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19 user comments

116.6.2011 7:34

Congrats man!

316.6.2011 7:40

hell yea!

416.6.2011 7:45

Congratz!!! Now get that baby an AfterDawn Onesie!


516.6.2011 8:26

Nicely done!

616.6.2011 9:38

what, no love for custom afterdawn diapers!? :P congratulations and I hope all goes well for the little tikes future!!

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716.6.2011 10:11


816.6.2011 10:27

Originally posted by Matt898:
Congratz!!! Now get that baby an AfterDawn Onesie!
...And the towels too.


916.6.2011 10:57


1016.6.2011 12:03


1116.6.2011 14:31


1216.6.2011 15:06

From one who has spent 20+ years raising 2, for good or bad... Not only congratulations, but also a hearty, healthy, meaty good LUCK!!!

1316.6.2011 20:56


1418.6.2011 1:52

Awesome news!

1518.6.2011 15:52

Thank you all! Everything's gone very well and mom and baby are coming home tomorrow :-)

Teemu Pärssinen
Administrator, Web Designer

1621.6.2011 7:25

Aint nothing like that first time your kid shits in your hand while changing an already crappy diaper. edited by ddp

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1723.6.2011 4:31

Since I couldn't be first to say Congrats!, can I be first to friend his account? :D

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1823.6.2011 13:13

Congrats! Mine are all grown up and gone, you have some very special lifetime memory moments ahead.

1925.6.2011 0:03

congratulations! Keep on keepin' on!

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