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Windows 8 RTM in April 2012?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Jun 2011 14:58 User comments (3)

Windows 8 RTM in April 2012? The company's stock sure seems to believe it.
ZDnet is reporting that Microsoft may be pushing up its Windows 8 timetable, with an RTM for April 2012, at least a few months earlier than anticipated.

The original plan was for Microsoft to RTM Windows 8 in the early Q3 2012, after betas and RCs. Additionally, Windows 8 for x86, Windows 8 for ARM and Windows 8 Server were also supposed to see similar release dates.

Citing trusted sources, it appears that Microsoft is making a lot of headway and can actually have all versions ready by April 2012.

A full beta will be released in September, in time for the Build conference, with a final RC available for testing in January.

Microsoft's Windows 8 will be optimized for tablets and touch interfaces and include built-in integration with Skype, Zune, Xbox Live and other Microsoft assets.

More information (plus video) here: Microsoft shows off Windows 8

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3 user comments

127.6.2011 15:10

Not sure who they are building this for but it is not me. At least not from what I have seen and read about it.

I guess I should know better but I was really hopping that Microsoft learned something when they came out with windows 7 but guess not.

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227.6.2011 15:16

i dont like it either

327.6.2011 19:34

I just don't understand why they are rushing out another release so fast. Since it gone be the same all around for pc and tablet it better have a lower price range.

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