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LulzSec will release Murdoch emails

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 19 Jul 2011 13:25 User comments (7)

LulzSec will release Murdoch emails LulzSec has said that they will release a trove of Rupert Murdoch emails later today, following yesterday's stunt where they hacked The Sun's main page and added their own frontpage article.
On the page, the hacktivists planted a fake story claiming Murdoch had died.

It appears that the hack also gave LulzSec access to News International's email database.

So far, the group has released the email login details of former News International chief exec Rebekah Brooks.

Additionally they posted the mobile phone numbers of three News International execs.

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7 user comments

119.7.2011 13:43

I thought Lulzsec retired?

219.7.2011 15:01

Originally posted by Azuran:
I thought Lulzsec retired?
I guess they said they were going to retire for the lulz

319.7.2011 21:46

Unfortunately, I don't think he ordered the hit through email.

420.7.2011 1:48

funny how the ''movers and shakers'' allways seem to stay out of jail ;] interesting..

520.7.2011 9:49

how ironic lol.

620.7.2011 19:31

Can't wait to hear what was in those emails. Time to bring down that festering pile of feces.

720.7.2011 23:24

Well....We're still waiting. I don't think they have any emails or they're scared or recently busted.

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