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Anonymous hacks government contractor

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Jul 2011 2:43 User comments (6)

Anonymous hacks government contractor AntiSec, the group formed by Anonymous and LulzSec, has claimed a new victim, the government security contractor ManTech International.
The group published 400MB of internal documents to the Pirate Bay last night.

ManTech has the FBI, the departments of Defense, State, Homeland Security, Energy and Justice and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as customers.

Reads the message with the leaked documents:

[W]e pwned ManTech utterly and throughly; and we did not need hundreds of millions for it. In fact, we did not require any funds at all, we did it with Lulz.

We are providing these ManTech documents so the public can see for themselves how their tax money is being spent. But don't you worry, the U.S. is a rich country and can afford to waste money, right?

Most of the documents involve ManTech's dealings with NATO.

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6 user comments

131.7.2011 23:06

I see a movie about all this in the future! lol

21.8.2011 2:12

if theyre going to hack put some stuff on interesting to the populour ie who shot kennedy and the truth behind marylin monroe

31.8.2011 8:58

people are going to go missing.

41.8.2011 9:04

Wow, what a worthless bunch of, purchase orders, resumes, rosters, inventories. *Yawn*. I could have found more "#antisec" on my mom's comp. Afraid you'll need to be more competent if you want to keep the FBI from imprisoning your brethren. Pictures of a help desk dude at his desk in Afghanistan..damn, the nation is really going to shit. GIANT Fail - Total Hype. I hope these guys are relying on more than social media to make their point.

Sums it up.

51.8.2011 18:28

Originally posted by oneguy:
I see a movie about all this in the future! lol
Hackers 2
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63.8.2011 3:15

I loved the first hackers! But what's the story for the sequel? Crash override and Acid burn create "Anonymous"? HACK THE PLANET! LOL

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